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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Review counterproductive policy to avert national anger, Adeoye tells Tinubu

Review counterproductive policy to avert national anger, Adeoye tells Tinubu 

A financial analyst and a lawyer, Dr Gbenga Adeoye has said that government that is interested in solving the hardship Nigerians currently go through should be magnanimous enough to review any of its policies adjudged to be counterproductive and breeding poverty and hunger.

Adeoye warned that failure to do this could be catalyst to spreading national anger 

This is just as the Chartered Accountant in a statement made available to journalists on Friday, said that those at the helms of affairs in the country as well as the entire citizens must demonstrate greater patriotism to rid the country of its numerous challenges.

Recall that some residents of Niger State had trooped out on Monday to major roads in Minna, the State capital to protest the rising cost of food and other hardship Nigerians currently grapple with 

The protest started by some women according to the reports later attracted other men who reportedly blocked the Minna-Bida road causing heavy vehicular traffic and gridlock. 

The economic situation in the country had become unbearable following the removal of the fuel subsidy by President Tinubu on May 29, 2023.

The policy triggered a surge in food inflation and a hike in costs of transportation, goods, and services, resulting in a higher cost of living.

Also, the decision of the Central Bank of Nigeria in June 2023 to float the naira, which allows buyers and sellers to set their exchange rates in the FX market, has led to a depreciation of the national currency which has continued to lose its value against the greenback.

As at Friday, the naira was said to have exchanged for between N1400 to N1473 to the US dollar on the black market while the CBN rate was pegged at N905/$1.

Adeoye said "I believe that Nigeria will become great again, if we all join hands to address our challenges and those in government become humble to listen to those outside and of course, become flexible with our policies by adjusting or eliminating any policy  that is counterproductive and breeding poverty and hunger to avert national anger".

The Chartered Accountant said that, the level of unity and patriotism Nigerians usually demonstrated whenever the country is taking on its opponents during major football tournaments such as it was demonstrated on Wednesday when the country beat South Africa during AFCON semi-final, should be deployed to working for the betterment of the nation.

He explained that "for this all important match, nobody cares about the state of Origin of the players. Nobody cares about religion and ethnicity.Everyone want Nigeria to win the match. In fact, one man can buy fuel to power the generator for all neighbours to watch the match.

"Like Abuja like Abeokuta, like Lagos like Kano, like Kogi like Imo, like Borno like Ekiti, like Adamawa like Delta, like Rivers like Zamfara, everywhere, it is the same.

"When Nigeria lost a penalty kick, sadness was heavy in the air, when South Africa lost it, smile was on the face of many.

"In fact, many began to pray and suddenly; right in Abuja I heard a heavy shout like the sound of Alleluia that brought down the wall of Jericho.The shout of joy was so much. It was like the sound of war.

"No one sees the victory as belonging to Hausa, Ibo or Yoruba.Fulani, Itshekiri, Tapa or any tribe, everyone joined hands and minds to wish our team victory and to also celebrate after the match. In Ogun State, there is nothing like I am Egba, Ijebu or Yewa. 

"All over the country, among politicians ; there is nothing like PDP, APC, Labour, APGA, SDP or NNPP. The victory is for all.No one sees the victory as belonging to North or south, it was a national joy".

Adeoye submitted that if only the citizens of the country could direct this oneness and patriotism towards tackling the national challenges, the country would be better.

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