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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Ogun Labour Party chieftain tackles Tinubu over growing hardship

Ogun Labour Party chieftain tackles  Tinubu over growing hardship 

Bankole Taiwo 
A chieftain of the Labour Party in Ogun State, Elias Obadina has said that it was unfortunate that President Bola Tinubu whom many Nigerians thought has the magic wand to steady the deteriorating nation's economy has further compounded the challenge heaping so much hardship on Nigerians.

Obadina who was the Labour Party’s House of Assembly candidate for Ikenne Local Government during the 2023 elections revealed this in a statement issued on Thursday and made available to our Correspondent.

He explained that Tinubu’s policies on fuel subsidy removal and floating of the naira are not well thought out and they have only succeeded in pushing many Nigerians down the ditch of poverty accompanied with hunger.

Obadina explained that "life is increasingly becoming so difficult under President Tinubu, prices of food stuff have skyrocketed with a bag of rice which was around N25,000 in May last year to have almost been N80,000. Eating  three square meals is now a luxury, our currency has been seriously devalued, many Nigerians have further been pushed below poverty lines. 

"This agonising time is least expected under someone like President Tinubu who many Nigerians thought has all the experience to redirect the ship of the country towards a prosperous shores. President Tinubu should be told in unmistakable terms that his Renewed Hope Agenda has failed the masses considerably".

"President Tinubu should as a matter of urgency get down to work with his team to rebuild the crumbling economy. He should seek for help, he should look beyond the party lines for people who have the interest of the masses and country at heart to work with.

"President Tinubu should live by example. We should start buying cars made in Nigeria from companies like Innoson. We must cut our taste for foreign goods. Why should Nigerians have problems with growing rice? 

"Why should garri made from cassava which can be planted around the country become unaffordable? This government must make concerted efforts to deal decisively with the issue of food production. A country that can't feed its popuplace has failed significantly".

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