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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

RCCG Pastor shares salient lessons in football match

The Pastor in charge of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Ogun Province 16, Ibara, GRA, Abeokuta, Pastor John Ayodele has said that game of football is full of eternal lessons children of God and even the handlers of Nigeria could imbibe for the greatness of the country.

Past John Ayodele stated this while speaking on the symbolic meaning and significance of "Show Your Jersey Special Sunday Service" held last Sunday, June 6, 2021.

The "Show Your Jersey" special service, the third edition gave members the opportunity to adorn themselves in their club jerseys.

Pastor Ayodele who led the Jesus Club told the church that there are at least three categories of people at the football stadium; the players, the officials and the spectators.

Pastor Ayodele said that spectators are not guided by any rules or regulations, they are free to do whatever they like, except during COVID-19 when they are to adhere to certain hygienic rules like washing of hands, using nose masks and maintaining social distance.

He said that "spectators in the church are those who are not guided by heavenly principles, they are not sojourners to the kingdom of God, they are not citizens of the heavenly home, therefore, they are living a meaningless life and if they try to mingle with the players on the field of play they will be thrown out".

Speaking about the second category of people, the Provincial Pastor likened the officials to the political leaders in Nigeria and without mincing words, the clergyman stated that Nigeria as a nation needs a serious prayer as the officiating is not good.

He emphasized that "the officials in charge of the country's political administration made us believe that they are sectional leaders, they are giving preferential treatment to one zone while other zones are being neglected".

He called on the people at the helms of affairs to take their whistles and blow it when necessary and ensure that fair and equal treatment are given to all and sundry.

The last category is the team, the players, the clergy man said that a player cannot make a team, a team must comprises eleven players.

 While stressing the need for national cohesion, Pastor Ayodele sited the example of France '98 when some players within the Super Eagles allegedly conspired against the Late Rasheed Yekini, and they refused to serve him balls, which led to the team woeful performance during the tournament.

The man of God said that "there is conspiracy in the country as different geopolitical zones are being hostile towards one another, the nation is in a period when the Igbos are not ready to relate with the Hausas and the Yorubas are very careful too".

He revealed that the rumour being peddled around is a conspiracy theory aimed at dividing us further and that we can only overcome, if we are united, because united we stand, divided we fall.

Speaking on the diversity of the nation using the football team analogy, the man of God reiterated that "our strength is in our diversity, there is need for the team to unanimously pursue the same goal knowing well that all players cannot be strikers and defenders at the same time".

In Conclusion, the Provincial Pastor said that "players can eject themselves if care is not taken, not that alone, officials can also give red card if such player fail to comply with the rules and regulations, I therefore enjoined Christians to be watchful and prayerful and remain steadfast in order to avoid being removed from the pitch by Satan".

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