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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Lest we put the wrong foot forward again, Alhaja Sholola remained the best candidate for Ikenne LG

Alhaja Mujidat Funmilayo Sholola

She stands out among them all. Out of about eight Chairmanship aspirants seeking to govern Ikenne local, she remains the only fearless, selfless, caring and virtuous female slugging it out with the men.

She is no other person than Alhaja Mujidat Funmilayo Sholola, an highly successful textile merchant, grassroots politician par excellence and one time Vice Chairman of Ikenne local government.

Many residents of the local government have opined that by the time the ruling party would be picking its next visionary leader and Chairmanship candidate for Ikenne local government, it is certainly going to be this energetic woman due to her outstanding qualities and good characters

In the first instance, Alhaja Sholola's love for the people of her local government is legendary, she is not only accessible and always willing to serve but also a committed progressive democrat that has all it takes to replicate the good work of Gov Dapo Abiodun at the grassroots.

Someone once told me that if Gov Abiodun want the best for the people of his local government, he would not hesitate to throw his weight behind the candidature of Alhaja Sholola.

He said aside the fact that women are generally better managers of resources and are naturally gifted to serve, Gov Abiodun's endorsement of the Chairmanship aspiration of the business tycoon would be reinforcing his commitment to improving women participation in politics.

It is therefore a thing of surprise when news is filtering in that one Jamiu Asimi fondly called Ya Jamiu might have been adopted via preconceived primaries as the consensus candidate for the local government of the Sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

It is the belief of many APC members across Ikenne local government that they had been shortchanged again by this unpopular choice. This same Ya Jamiu is said to have been the Chairman of the ruling party at the local government for about eight years and was also appointed last year by Gov Abiodun as member of the Bulk Purchasing Board.

Many residents of the local government are of the opinion that if it's about competency and desire to move the local government forward, then Ya Jamiu in no unmistakable term is unfit. It is said that his antecedents in the past has not reflected that he has the capability to bring about the much expected turn around in the local government.

An elder of the party was quoted to have said that "it's obvious that of all our Chairmanship aspirants, many of us who want development for the local government and not our pockets feel strongly that our next executive Chairman should be Alhaja Mujidat Sholola. There's no point deceiving ourselves, if what we craved for is good governance, then Alhaja Sholola is the answer but if it is something else then we can toy with other options".

The big question is can Gov Abiodun assist in putting this right foot forward this time around? Can he truly be on the side of the people who he cares so much about when it matters most? Can he break another ground just as he has been doing since assumption of office and be the governor to allow the first ever female to run the affairs of Ikenne local government? I think the governor has all it takes to surpass people's expectations and ensure that justice is served in this matter. I rest my case.

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