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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Ijebu Youths Association President hails Gov Abiodun on 64th birthday, 5th year of service-oriented govt

Pastor Okikiola Fayomi, National President of the Ijebu Youths Association and Auditor of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Ogun State Chapter, felicitates His Excellency, Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun, CON, the Executive Governor of Ogun State on his double celebration of 5th year in office and 64th birthday today, May 29, 2024.

 Pastor Okikiola Fayomi, in his esteemed capacity as the National President of the Ijebu Youths Association and the Auditor of the National Youth Council of Nigeria Ogun State Chapter, extends heartfelt congratulations and warm felicitations to His Excellency, Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun CON, the Executive Governor of Ogun State. 

 Pastor Fayomi acknowledges the transformative leadership and visionary governance exhibited by Governor Abiodun, which have significantly contributed to the socio-economic development and infrastructural advancements within Ogun State. 

Under Governor Abiodun's administration, Ogun State has witnessed remarkable progress in various sectors, including education, healthcare, agriculture, and industrialization, reinforcing the state’s status as a leading economic hub in Nigeria. 

Commendable achievements and initiatives of Governor Abiodun's commitment to improving the quality of life for all Ogun State residents is evident through his numerous laudable initiatives. 

Pastor Fayomi highlights several key achievements such as the;

Educational Reforms.

Governor Abiodun’s administration has prioritized the education sector, enhancing the quality of education through the renovation of schools, provision of educational materials, and the introduction of technology-driven learning platforms. 

The administration’s dedication to education is preparing the youth for future challenges and opportunities. 

Healthcare Improvements

The health sector has seen significant improvements with the upgrading of medical facilities, better healthcare services, and the introduction of community health programs aimed at ensuring that all citizens have access to quality healthcare. This has been particularly crucial in navigating the challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic. 3. 

Agricultural Development

Recognizing the importance of agriculture as a means of economic diversification and food security, Governor Abiodun’s government has implemented policies and programs to support farmers, increase agricultural productivity, and attract investment into the sector. These efforts are not only bolstering the state's economy but also providing employment opportunities for the youth. 


The administration’s focus on infrastructural development is evident in the construction and rehabilitation of roads, bridges, and public buildings, improving connectivity and fostering economic growth. These projects have facilitated better transportation and commerce, benefiting both urban and rural communities. 

Youth Empowerment and Employment.

Governor Abiodun has placed significant emphasis on youth empowerment, launching various skill acquisition programs, entrepreneurship initiatives, and job creation schemes. These efforts are aimed at harnessing the potential of the youth, reducing unemployment, and fostering a spirit of innovation and enterprise among young people.

Vision for the Future

Pastor Fayomi expresses optimism about the future of Ogun State under the dynamic leadership of Governor Abiodun. He believes that the governor’s forward-thinking policies and inclusive governance approach will continue to drive sustainable development, economic prosperity, and social harmony within the state.

A Call for Continued Support.

In his congratulatory message, Pastor Fayomi calls on all residents of Ogun State, particularly the youth, to continue supporting Governor Abiodun’s administration. He urges the youth to actively participate in the state’s developmental initiatives, leveraging the opportunities provided by the government to build a brighter and more prosperous future for themselves and the state at large. 


Pastor Okikiola Fayomi's felicitations to Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun CON are not only a celebration of the governor's past achievements but also a testament to the shared vision for a greater Ogun State. Through collaborative efforts and steadfast commitment to progress, the future holds immense promise for the state and its people.

 Warmest regards.

Pastor Okikiola Fayomi* National President, Ijebu Youths Association Auditor, National Youth Council of Nigeria, Ogun State chapter

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