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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Nigeria's economic hardship, product of selfish, incompetent leadership

           By Dr Gbenga Adeoye

Over the years; government
agencies have been led substantially by people who possessed insufficient education, experience and exposure.

What we fail to understand is that in Latin, we learnt that you cannot give what you don't have.(Nemo dat quod non habet)

The worst aspect of it is the interpretation of a Yoruba Proverb that  described unfit leaders as someone who ought to be sleeping on the floor but suddenly finds himself on the bed with a good mattress. 

Misbehaviour and foolishness occasioned by Pride becomes inevitable from such people when they occupy leadership position.

Let us take a look at the following to underscore my view.
 National Assembly since 1999 has refused to touch the most important aspect of our Constitution which is Restructuring. There is no one among Senators and House of Representative Members who does not know that the only way to move forward is devolution of powers.

As a matter of fact; the party in power today had a committee that came up with recommendations on the need to restructure Nigeria. Even Jonathan led government spent money on the conference, but it was never implemented. 

Who does not know that Security is  local ? Why would it take us 24 years to remain at the level of talking without acting on just one important solution to our security problem.? STATE POLICING.

How do we explain the policy of Naira redesign that has caused more harm to the poor than the rich.? How do we describe the quality of the new notes compared with the old ones?

How do we explain the exchange rate in Nigeria.?

How do we explain the cases of Multiple Taxation where non-state actors collect road taxes, make arrest and impound vehicles.? Why would it take eternity to rule on VAT Collection right of States and stop multiple tax such as Consumption Tax from Hotels and eateries.? 

How do you explain the statement by certain persons in the name of religion where human lives does not mean anything again to people.?

How do you explain that our best brains at all levels cannot get Ticket to run for office ? Only those who have money can get it even if they are incompetent.?

How do you explain that you need billions to win election as a Governor, and yet we say they are corrupt.? Why would they not take back their investment?

How do you explain the level of Ignorance and the level of illiteracy in the North ? 

How do you explain that Nigerians travels a lot, yet we cannot set up our National Airline in 24 years of democracy and after the death of Nigerian Airways killed by mismanagement.?

How do you explain the timing of Naira redesign and the hardship on the people ? 

How do you explain the level of migration of our youths to Canada, United Kingdom and USA? Doctors and Nurses and now Teachers are leaving.

How do you explain the poor quality of graduates from our Colleges of Education, Polytechnics and Universities.? How do you explain the level of Ignorance in the church where a Pastor ask people to raise their phone up, and he prayed for miracle bank alerts? 

How do you explain underage marriage and out of School Children in the North.?
How do you explain that most leaders goes for medical treatment abroad.? 

How do you explain the poor treatment of our security officers (Police, DSS, Army, Civil Defence and all of them. How do you explain that people retire for over a decade but not paid their gratuity.?

How do you explain that Pension and Cooperative Deductions are not remitted for years.?

How do you explain the Jumbo Salary of Politicians and cost of Governance.? Why should someone suddenly become a billionaire after winning election or after taking an appointment. 

How do you explain that a Presiding Judge while sitting in court can be killed right inside the court? How do you explain that some judges had to file a writ to make their claim from government? What signal are we sending to those in the bench as they hear such matters.

How do you explain the level of poverty in the land.? 
How do you explain that able-bodied young men are thugs without work and at just little spark they ensure crisis erupts in cities? How do you explain the destruction of properties in Lagos during EndSars Protest?

How do you explain that most Federal Medical Centres and State's General Hospital do not have MRI and other Scan facilities? How do you explain cultism in Secondary Schools?

How do you explain the increasing numbers of girls around our cities working as harlots or doing runs or whatever they call it ?
How do you explain the number of jobless graduates in Nigeria? How do you explain that we deliberately ignored Technical Education

How do you explain that up till now, electricity problem is yet to be resolved.
Without Power, can any country be industrialised?

The only way to answer these 31 questions is to conclude that wrong people have been in leadership for too long and at various levels whether it be Federal and State Agencies, office by election or by appointment.

To move Nigeria forward, we must ensure that incompetent, selfish and arrogant people are not allowed to lead at any level again.

The Author; Dr.Gbenga Adeoye is a Lawyer and a Chartered Accountant, and he believes that the development of any country or organisation depends largely on the quality of people in leadership.

He can be reached via email on [email protected]

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