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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Segun Olusola unfolds House of Reps agenda for Remo federal constituency

A 37-yr old international business analyst and economist, Segun Olusola has said that he decided to offer himself to represent the people of Remo federal constituency at the House of Representatives come next year because the people of these three local governments of Ikenne, Remo North and Sagamu deserve only the best

Segun Olusola, an APC stalwart from Isara Remo, headquarters of Remo North local government area of Ogun State in a chat with newsmen disclosed that, it was obvious that the federal constituency is lagging behind in so many areas and therefore from 2023 required a more responsive, passionate and selfless leadership to change the narrative of the poor representation. 

Speaking on what he hope to do differently, the reputable business analyst said "politics is essentially a platform to grab legitimate power to serve the people, it is to use the resources of the state to make lives more comfortable and more rewarding, that is how things are done globally. It is however unfortunate to see our people getting to Abuja and turn their back to the people. That is not going to be under my watch. 

"The people will remain my focus. I will use the instrument of lawmaking to drive accelerated development spanning education, health, agriculture, massive empowerment of women and our youths among others. This is a representation that will touch the lives of my good people of Remo land. My representation will bring so much succour to the people, that I can really say. Do not forget that I said that I am in the race because my people are yearning for better and more profitable representation".

"It is equally on record that no occupier of this seat, I mean Remo Federal constituency has ever come from Remo North local government. It has always been rotating between Ikenne and Sagamu local governments, so this time around, it will be fair to have someone that is forward looking with enough capability to deliver adequate representation from Remo North to be given the opportunity to serve the people".

Speaking on getting the leadership equation right as the country prepares for the 2023 elections, the House of Reps aspirant urges Nigerians with good hearts and passion to serve to come on board the political processes explaining that " if the best of us keep staying away, then we should expect no different result because the vagabonds will take up the space. 

"So, let the best of us get involved, we must all begin to see ourselves as major stakeholders in this Nigeria project. We should all get registered, get our PVC and use our votes judiciously, enough of just staying at one corner and lamenting, things wouldn't change that way. Youths with expertise, people who we can verify their achievements should get actively involved too, that is how to change the narrative".

Commenting on the APC led government in the state, Segun lauded the government for the various developmental projects cutting across roads, education, health, the ongoing Agro-Cargo Airport among others calling for more concerted efforts to enhance the prosperity of all in the state.

The economist has equally urged Nigerians not to toy with returning PDP to power next year revealing that "Nigerians must be wary of going back to the dark age of having PDP back in power when the country was repleted with bad governance and corruption. As an economist, the truth is that our economy is not as bad as it is being painted, in fact, if it has been PDP that is still managing the affairs of this country things would have worsen off. 

"I am saying this because the projection of our growth by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is 1.2% but we are on 2.5 now. Our only challenge lies in divesting from oil as our major source of earnings because of its instability. With the global recession and Covid-19 pandemic, our economy has not fared bad but we have to work on diversifying the economy too. This is the reason Nigerians, come next year must vote back APC that is investing massively in agriculture, infrastructure, rail and doing all it could to strengthen the economy".

He has equally lauded President Muhammadu Buhari as well as the National Assembly for the new electoral act of 2022 which allows election results to be transmitted electronically saying that this courageous move would go a long way in eradicating electoral malpractices while also ensuring that the right people are elected to serve the people

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