Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Happy Birthday to a man that value intelligence.

One of the ways to know a brilliant man is the kind of people they empower or bring around them.

OGD like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and BAT among others are people who to a great extent have ability to discover talents and intelligence in people and as such, they easily attract younger people that are intelligent to themselves.

I recalled meeting OGD through my mentor Dr.Onaolapo Soleye and since then, I have enjoyed relating with this extremely intelligent Business Man and  politician.

As a sitting Governor, send OGD a text, he will reply you.Call him, he will pick your call and if he is busy he will call you back.

Plan to see him, he will create time to see you.He will not send you to meet someone else.What unique man.Same way OBJ behaves, may be BBHS   has that spirit.Baba does not act in proxy too.

I recall  your multi tasking nature with that big Nokia Communucator of those days where as you listen to people, you are already sending messages to people that should attend to the issues they are discussing with you.

OGD does not care who you are or where you come from.My Friend Lanre Sobowale told me of his experience about one Transformer you gave them in an area in Abeokuta  and OGD will drive round in the night to monitor that his instructions or directives  have been carried out.

If you make any request or bring anything to his notice, he will attend to it immediately. OGD does not waste time on any matter.

You do not pretend .Send OGD a message on a matter, he will forward to the person concerned to act and revert.

You do not  look down on the young ones around you.

Sometimes I wonder why you join dirty water of  Politics but then, you achieved a lot as our Governor just like  Baba Osoba and  Amosun achieved who came before and after you respectively. May God help Dapo Abiodun to achieve more like you and Amosun as a fellow Remo Man as he has shown clearly that he wants to be a silent achiever too from the projects he has embarked upon.

Myself as a child born in April and bearing the same name, I know you to have shown love and honour to many young men like me.

Anywhere in the world we meet you, you have never ignored any of us from Ogun state.

Just help me tell  Prince  Dapo Abiodun to remember the road to my Village...Kemta Idi Aba Olabisi Onabanjo / OGTV Ajebo Road as that road  claimed four lives last week.He needs to award that road as an emergency .Amosun had  pushed it close to Mechanic Village but thank him for Ijebu Ode Epe Road.That is a miracle and for the Repairs he carried out on Abeokuta Sagamu Expressway for smooth driving.

In deed like you stated before becoming the Governor , the sleeping giant is now awake..we only need to make this  giant call Ogun State not only to be awake but to start running and if possible begin to fly. It will happen in our life time in Jesus name Amen 

You did wonders in Education, Housing and the dualisation of Abeokuta Sagamu Interchange Road. during your time set you apart just like Construction of many fly overs set Amosun apart.

You sent Ogun State indigenes abroad for post graduate courses.OGD Estate in Asero, OGROMA was your creation and I wish that Agency remain alive but one day OGROMA will be woken up by those who understand what it stands for.

You built judges quarter.I still see the cars you bought for judges. Tell Dapo Abiodun to buy latest model of Prado for our Judges ...They deserve it .Men of the bench are unique people who have dignity and honour and they need something new around their lives just like that Estate was a new innovation then.

You are not without a fault as a human being but as for me, your good nature has overshadowed what some may consider the other side of OGD as I do not know that other side anyway...which could actually be a fabrication from the  imagination and unconfirmed  rumours from those who view you negatively.

With love in my  heart and  On behalf of myself and my entire family, I rejoice with you and Yeye Olufunke Daniel and we say happy birthday to Otunba Justus Olugbenga Daniel this 6th day of April, 2022.

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