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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Olubadan Of Ibadan, Oba Adetunji Dies At 93

The Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Adetunji has joined his ancestors.

The Daily Crucible learnt that the 93-years-old monarch passed away in the early hours of Sunday at the University College Hospital (UCH) in Ibadan, Oyo state.

Oba Adetunji was crowned the 41st Olubadan of Ibadan following his coronation on March 4, 2016.

Who succeeds him ?

Olubadan In  Council  

According Ayo Ojeniyi who hails from Eruwa, Oyo State,  there are about  34 steps to climb for one to get into the Olubadan In Council.  All the members of the council are potential future Olubadans with the exception of  Iyalode.  

"To get in to the council you have to climb starting from Mogaji's either through one of the two Lines: The Civil line(Olubadan Igbimo Agba)  or the military line(Balogun).

Once you are in the Council,  you are already fulfilled  bc you are technically a co-Olubadan. Top decisions about the City are made here. 

Below is the current ranking :

Our popular Ladoja is  number 5, so he still has a long way to go if it is the Will of God for him to be an Olubadan. The current Olubadan still have 200 years more to reign  !!! By the way,  they don't kill themselves bc there is an oath to be taken. If you ever think that the man in your front will die,  you are the one to  die.  So,  just live on and let God do His  wishes!!!! 

1. His Imperial  Majesty Oba Saliu Olasupo Akanmu Adetunji  Aje Ogungunniso  1. The Olubadan of Ibadanland. He is an Oyo Alaafin aborigin.

2. High Chief Moshood Olalekan Balogun - Otun Olubadan  - residence IBADAN SE LGA.

3. High Chief  Akinloye Owolabi Olakunlehin - Balogun of Ibadanland  - Residence  IBADAN NE LGA. 

4. High Chief  Tajudeen Abimbola Ajibola  - Otun Balogun of Ibadanland  - Residence  IBADAN NORTH

5. High Chief  Senator  Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja  - Osi Olubadan  -Residence  IBADAN SW LGA

6.  High Chief  Eddy Oyewole  - Asipa  Olubadan - Residence IBADAN NW LGA. 

7.  High Chief Lateef Gbadamosi Adebimpe - Osi Balogun - Residence  AKINYELE LGA 

8.  High Chief Abiodun Kola-Daisi  - Eekerin Olubadan  - Residence OLUYOLE  LGA

9. High Chief  Salaudeen Hamidu Ajibade - Eekarun Olubadan - Residence  LAGELU LGA


10. Asipa Balogun - Residence  ONA ARA LGA 

11.  Eekerin  Balogun - Residence IDO LGA 

12. Iyalode of Ibadanland. 

Also, according to Olu James Olatunji, the hierarchy is listed as below:

1) Lekan Balogun: Otun Olubadan.

2) Owolabi Olakulehin: Balogun Olubada‎n

3) ‎Rashidi Ladoja:  Osi Olubadan.

4). Olufemi Olaifa:  Otun Balogun.

5) ‎Eddy Oyewole: Ashipa Olubadan.

6) Tajudeen Ajibola:  Osi Balogun.

7) Amidu Ajibade:Ekaarun Olubadan.

8) Lateef Gbadamosi: Ashipa Balogun Olubadan.

9) Kola Adegbola: Ekarun Balogun‎.

10) Abiodun Kola-Daisi: Ekerin Olubadan‎.

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