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Friday, December 17, 2021

Ronke Ogunremi, Portrait of a True Political Amazon

One of the greatest pains in Nigeria of today is that those we can refer to as political elites are into politics for self-aggrandizement. Although, it cannot be ascertained why this is so, but the fact of the matter is they are known for putting their personal interests above the over-all well-being of the masses.

This is not so for a one time General Manager of Eko Hotel; and the defunct Gateway Hotel, Abeokuta, Princess Dr. Ojaronke Joseph - Ogunremi, who from the beginning of her journey into politics in 1998 has maintained that the general interest of the people should be the major focus of the political class.

She displayed this belief in 2019, when she decided to run for House of Representatives in Abeokuta North, Obafemi Owode and Odeda Local Governments, during the primaries.

She vehemently confessed that her campaign will be based on integrity and not monetary incentives.In one of the interviews with her before 2019 elections, Focus Nigeria Publisher established that Princess Ogunremi clearly stated that, it is high time we gave noble men and women of integrity the chance to take over the country's political space; and not men of questionable characters.

She further revealed that her decision to run in 2019 was because her Federal constituency has not enjoyed maximum dividends of democracy in the past except during the tenure of Hon. Jelili Kayode Amusan, who gave his best to serve the people.

In this perverse political structure, one, then begin to wonder, if a rare breed like Ojaronke Ogunremi truly exists, having read the story written by Ayi Kwei Armah, a Ghanaian author titled "The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born".

Although, Mrs Ogunremi was not considered for the party ticket because some rotten elements within the party felt that money politics is their only means of survival, she remained with the party, even when her numerous followers admonished her to seek political relevance elsewhere.

The astute business tycoon and philanthropist of note remains one of the few topnotch leaders in PDP that has remained with the party since 1998, come rain, come shine.

Of also worthy of mentioning is Ogunremi's towering leadership among the teeming wonderful women in the opposition party as she has become a rallying point for mobilizing and encouraging participation for more women in politics.

Her quest to replicate more ladies of integrity in politics gave birth to  "Peoples Democratic Party Ladies of Integrity " which has its members from the twenty local governments in the state.

The beauty of the group is that it gives room to non-politician to be part of the change agenda, as membership was drawn beyond the ward level.The Convener and the President of PDP Ladies of Integrity, Princess Dr. Ojaronke Joseph-Ogunremi with this laudable initiative has commence continuous spreading  of message of integrity to the nooks and corners of the state, which will soon be extended to the country at large.

In our further research, we have discovered that her relevance is not limited to politics, she has made meaningful contributions within her religious circle, she is the General Coordinator of Celestial Women Bible Fellowship in Ogun state,the group she has led for 21 years.

As a peace-loving elder of the party, Mama Ogunremi has equally played significant roles in conflict resolution within the party and the much enjoyed peace that is now evident in the party in the state can be linked to her unrelented efforts.

Without mincing words she has equally in the recent past served as member of the Peoples Democratic Party Screening Committee at the just concluded National Convention and this responsibility was effectively carried out.

Conclusively, it can be safely concluded that having been a rare asset to the PDP in the country, such a committed and highly resourceful leader should continually be cherished and further encourage to do more.

There is no better way to do this than for the party to continue to make its icons like Prophetess Ogunremi feel wanted, respected, honored, supported and consulted when necessary for further prosperity of PDP and its teeming members in Ogun State and across the country.

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