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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Ogun community warns Ewusi to stop further attack on Oniraniken over land tussle

The Iraniken community, Sagamu has called on the Ewusi of Makun, Sagamu, Oba Timothy Akinsanya to desist from disparaging the Oniraniken of Iraniken, Oba Adewale Adeniji saying that the community has had enough of this unwarranted attack against  their traditional ruler and would therefore waste no further time to file a law suit against Oba Akinsanya.

The community gave this strong warning at a press briefing held over the weekend in Sagamu.

Speaking through one of its High Chiefs, Prince Bolanle Akinyemi, the community stated that it has kept silence all this while because of the respect it  has for the Ewusi believing that just with time he would allow reasons to prevail and tow path of peace.

The community said it was however sad that the royal father had rather continue to shamelessly drag the Oniraniken stool in the mud calling it all sorts of unprintable names and inciting his Makun people against the indigenes of Iraniken for absolutely no just cause.

The community revealed that it was even appalling and sound so confusing that the police and the state government who ought to call the royal father to order has prefer to look the other ways wondering whether they are waiting for the two communities to be up in arms against each other before something drastic is done.

Prince Akinyemi said "at the center of this unwarranted attack against our peace loving royal father, Oba Adewale Adeniji is a land belonging to his family, not a communal land, and which he alongside other members of the family had secured a valid judgement upon

"If at all the Ewusi has interest in this matter, the right thing to do is to approach a higher court to void this judgement and not resort to intimidating and harassing our Kabiyesi, Oba Adewale Adeniji up and down with the police. He had also several times labeled the royal father landgrabber, dragging the highly revered Oniraniken stool in the mud while also inciting the members of his community against ours

"They have accused the Akarigbo of receiving land, they have accused the governor and every other person that could settle the matter. What they are aiming at now is that everybody should stay away so that they can have their way.

I think the governor should come up with political will to stop the whole crisis.

"We are also by this press briefing urging Oba Timothy Akinsanya to stop forthwith this unnecessary attack against our traditional ruler over matter that are purely matter of law. He should reciprocate our respect for him and tow path of peace and stop heating up the polity or else we will also take up this matter up with him legally, we have tolerated this embarrassment enough".

Speaking with journalists during the briefing, Barr Kole Oyedele, one of the lawyers to the Oso-Edu family of which Oniraniken of Iraniken, Oba Adewale Adeniji is a member said that the Oso-Edu family in a law suit with number HCS/27/2015 instituted against Mr Awosesu Debira and others  had on the 18th of April, 2018 secured a judgement over the said Okerala farmland measuring 4511 hectares.

Barr Kole Oyedele said that attempt by the defendants to also set aside this judgement was rebuffed by the Same Ogun State High Court, Sagamu when it affirmed its earlier decision on the land matter in January 2020 even as he added that there are still not less than three suits over the land pending before the court.

Oyedele who was also supported by another lawyer of the family, Barr Mathew Odudu said that it was however surprising to see the Ewusi, Oba Timothy Akinsanya engaging in all sorts of arm twisting tactics, using families, individuals like the CEO of Adron Homes, Adetola Emmanuel King among other landgrabbers to forcefully pervert and rubbish the court judgement on the said vast land.

He disclosed that "one thing that is clear is that this land in question is not communal land,  this is a matter that is between two families and the Oso-Edu family has received judgement and take possession of what rightfully belong to them.

"What then is in it for the Ewusi of Makun to be threatening fire and brimstone crying foul where there's none and inciting his people to violence. For the second time, it is on record that the palace of Oniraniken was attacked on October 2, 2021".

The lawyer specifically alleged CEO of Adron Homes and Properties of using the police to forcefully take over 600 acres of this land urging the Inspector of Police, Usman Baba Alkali to as matter of urgency withdraw the hordes of police attached to the property merchant since he had allegedly been using them to stamp illegalities.

Oyedele said Adetola had earlier approached the Oso-Edu family and ratified 27 acres he bought but later brought in the police to forcefully take over additional 600 acres warning that it is either he respects the position of the law on this matter or loses its investment.

He said the Akarigbo of Remo land, Oba Babatunde Adewale Ajayi who is also aware of this matter had urged everyone interested in this land matter to allow the law run its full course yet the Ewusi would want none of this.

Oyedele said at this juncture, it is imperative for the governor and Chief Security officer of the State, Prince Dapo Abiodun to quickly intervene and call the Ewusi and his cohorts to order as a good stich still saves nine.

The lawyer also urged the state government to set up panel of enquiry over this matter as a way to finally lay this brewing crisis to eternal rest.

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