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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Robbery on Lagos-Ibadan: AIG Kokumo says Lagos, Ogun command to form joint patrol

AIG Johnson Babatunde Kokumo

The new Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Zone 2, comprising of Ogun and Lagos State Police Command, AIG Johnson Babatunde Kokumo has said that, plans are under way to form a joint operations team of Lagos and Ogun State Police Command to battle criminal activities in the border area of Lagos- Ibadan Expressway.

AIG Johnson Babatunde Kokumo made this known on Wednesday during his familirization tour to the Ogun State Police Command.

Kokumo who is replacing retired AIG Ahmed Ilyasu said that the reason for this joint operations team is that when he came on board as the AIG, he observed that there were reports of traffic robbery in the long bridge area of the Expressway.

He said that he has spoken to the Commissioners of Police of the two States for the need for a joint operations plan to combat traffic robbery in the area.

He said " I observed on my resumption as the Assistant Inspector General of Police Zone 2 that there were reports of robbery in traffic along the long bridge on the Lagos Ibadan, Expressway on the way to Mowe. With this observation we were asked to form a joint operations of Lagos and Ogun Police personnel to address this and you would have observed that in little time it has become a thing of the past, we are no longer experiencing robbery along that road.

"We are also looking at synergy between Lagos State Command and Ogun State Command because zone 2 comprises of this two States, we want to see joint operations between the two States in areas where they are needed and that is what we intent to do.

"I have spoken to the Cp and we have evolved a plan, a joint operations plan to ensure that traffic in robbery along that side, that is the long bridge, Lagos Ibadan long bridge will be a thing of the past.

The AIG also called on the officers of the Command to enforce the law of wearing of face masks as Covid -19 is still in existence.

He said this came as a result of his observation on entering the State as he noticed that only few people used the masks as opposed to what the Federal government had said.

His words "I observed something while coming in here, I observed that people of Ogun State don't believe that there is corona virus, out of every 50, if you make a random sample of 50 to 100, hardly could you see 2-3 people wearing nose masks, there is a need to enforce this, we must enforce it, still respecting the right of the citizens, Of course charity begins at home, I want to advise the management that our policemen here at the headquarters, Area Commands, Divisional headquarters should wear face masks.

"The PCRC, road transport unions and other organizations here please let this be your take home".

Kokumo however called on officers and men of the Command to continue to be professional, respect rights of Citizens, work ethically, shun corruption and get involved in civil cases.

He said that he observed that the police were getting involved in civil cases which is not supposed to be.

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