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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Rev father, 8 others kidnapped in Plateau state



 Suspected herdsmen struck again in the early hours of yesterday, May 8 at the farm settlement village of Kura falls, Jos in plateau state.

                                                                    The killer herdsmen also attacked a local catholic church and abducted a Reverend father while the farmer's settlement was also attacked.

Seven other people including Ogoh Chima, a relative of the former Secretary General of the Poultry Association of Nigeria were kidnapped.  


The Catholic Church in Jos, Plateau State has however called for the immediate release of Rev Father Moses Tersee and other eight people kidnapped.

The church appealed to the security agencies and Plateau state government to help in effecting the release of the Reverend father and other victims    

                                                                                                                   Mr James Tenga while speaking on behalf of the Kura farm settlement dwellers said the farmers have not known peace since the settlement was first attacked in 2018 leading to destruction of their farming businesses.    

                                                                                          James said many residents of the farm settlement have fled for their lives since the 2018 attack abandoning their houses and properties to seek for safety since they don't know when and where they could be attacked  again, because it is now a reoccurring event throughout the country.

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