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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Widow raises alarm over plans to force deadly traditions on her son, daughter

                        Mrs Falowo Abosede 

Sunday Idowu, Ibadan 

A widow and mother of three, Mrs Falowo Abosede has raised alarm over the insistence of her late husband's family that his son, Samuel must be initiated and succeed his late father as the new Chief priest of, Uhoka, the family deity.

Mrs Falowo disclosed that aside the fact that Samuel is a Christian whose religion does not allow such fetish practice, his father died mysteriously just some months after he took part in eating concoction at Ibadan , South East Oyo State, Nigeria.

Mrs Falowo said since her late husband family had vowed to enforce this age long family tradition, she had been forced to move out of the family house while her son had equally gone under but the family had continued to send people to her that there was no way she would forever prevent them from carrying out there wish.

She said "I am Mrs Falowo Abosede nee Areo, my husband died in 2012 shortly after he took part in eating traditional concoctions at Uhoka shrine which is for their family deity and about two months after, the family said my son, Samuel will have to succeed his father, they claimed that is the wish of the deity and it must be done. 

"The family also said that my daughter must be circumcised and betrothed to any male in the family as the oracle has told them 

"And now they are saying the deity wants my son to succeed his father, that this is the family age long tradition that must be respected but my son said he is not interested because those things are clearly against our faith as Christians. 

"The family is however insisting that my son will have to be installed against his wish, they are equally threatening that they will abduct my son wherever they see him and bring him to the family house to be installed by force

"I am using this medium to call on the security agencies to save me and my son from these wicked people because they have also promised to use all that is within their ability to force me and my my children to do their evil wish".

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