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Sunday, January 22, 2023

We are solidly behind you - Ilawo village heads back Oba-elect Macgregor

Not less than sixty-five village heads in Orile Ilawo, Odeda local government area of Ogun state had paid a loyalty visit to Oba-elect, Olusegun Alexander MacGregor.

The loyalty visit was paid last Friday, at the MacGregor Heritage House in Abeokuta, where all the Youth were also present.
Speaking on behalf of the village heads, Chief Mukaila Ajasa Oladunjoye who is the Chairman of Orile-Ilawo Baales said the town with over 165 villages are in support of Macgregor.

Chief Oladunjoye said though some of them were not in support from the beginning, but they can now compare light with darkness, saying they have been in the dark from the past, and now, they need to move forward.

"It is like we have been in the dark from the beginning of the process. We have been able to separate darkness from the light. I can authoritatively tell you dark we are now in the light by following Oba-elect Macgregor.

"We can't continue to remain in darkness, reason we have come to pay our loyalty visit to our new king, and we are promising him that we are solidly behind him, because we know that he can take us to greater heights.

"He has been doing it outside the country, we believe he will be able to transform Orile-Ilawo township too. About 65 Baales are here, others who are not here are also in support, some Youth are here also, we determined to reduce ourselves due to the fact that we don't want too much crowd.
"We beg Prince Dapo Abiodun, the governor of our dear state to help us approve our new king, Macgregor, so that we can do the installation ceremony and work will begin. We trust Macgregor, because his late father too tried for us in Orile Ilawo."

Oba-elect Olusegun Alexandar Macgregor has said at the meeting that he will continue to strengthen the economy growth of the township, adding that he will empower more Youth within his domain.

He also unveil his new plan of empowering the Youth, noting that criminality and social vices will reduce if more Youths are empowered, and also turn round the economy of the town.

The newly oba-elect maintained that God has sent him to the youths to empower them so that they can have something doing and be able to feed themselves and family.

He also assured all the people of Orile Ilawo that he would not relent in his efforts towards ensuring the development of the community, adding that he is more focus on the economic growth of the township.

Furthermore, he also assured all residents under his domain that he will be facilitating networking mast in the town very soon, saying that will improve communication among the people.

Oba Macgregor called for cooperation among the people, saying that, that is the only way there can be progress in the community.

In his words, he said, “I am so happy seeing all the Baales and the Youths of Ilawo here today, I can’t explain how happy I am, but I can tell you that I am happier than you. I have been longing to see this meeting happens, even before we started the process of kingship.

“I have been saying it that we need the meeting of Council of Baales, and an avenue or organization that will bring us together. We have over one hundred and fifty villages, which all have heads, and no one is planning to be having meetings that will bring developments.

“But thank God that bring us together at this moment. I want us to be having meetings every time, and let us call on all those who are not here to join us, because the progress of Ilawo Township lies in our unity. Without unity, we can’t progress.

“As a visionary person, I love progress, and the reason God have sent me to the Youth. If they have something doing, they can be able to put food on their table and also feed their family members.

“I am using this avenue to also stand on my words that all my promises still remain intact as far as we remain in unity. The empowerment programme is on ground, all we need is cooperation for the programme to kick-start. I am for everybody; you all have access to me, because I am a free person.

“A want to promise you that I will do my best in putting Ilawo on a global map. Some of the developmental programme that is starting very soon are network-mast for communication, health Centre, portable water, Alagbagba market development, good roads.

“All these are on my agenda, they will all come in process. All I want from you is cooperation, and let us settle anything that is pulling us backward.”

Earlier in his own address, the Osi of Ilawo, Chief Anthony Olufade had spoken on behalf of the Ilawo Chiefs, saying that all the Chiefs are behind the oba-elect, Olusegun Macgregor.

Chief Olufade said though while acting as the secretary of the township, they have been on the process of bring network providers to Ilawo Township, but could not go further due to some unforeseen circumstances.

He therefore assured the entire resident that their new Oba will do all possible means within his capacity to facilitate the project of mast installation before the end of second quarter of the year.

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