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Monday, October 4, 2021

Cardiologist cautions against smoking, junk food for a healthy heart

A Consultant Cardiologist with Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital (OOUTH) Sagamu, Dr Francisca Olufunmilayo Inofomoh has urged Nigerians to do away with smoking, eating of junk food saying that these were among foremost poor healthy habits predisposing people to cardiovascular ailments. 

Dr Francisca Olufunmilayo Inofomoh described Cardiovascular disease as a major killer nowadays sending 18 billion people to their grave annually and that 80% of these deaths occur in the low and middle income country like Nigeria 

The Cardiologist said that irespective of any myths out there, hypertension which is often described as silent killer  is the number one risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and could as well lead to complications like heart failure, strokes, renal failure among others.

Dr Inofomoh stated this while speaking on the auspicious occasion of this year World Heart Day with the theme "Connect The Heart"

He said although, the heart which size is like the fist and arguably the strongest muscle in the body could vulnerable and sick from habitual risk factors such as smoking, eating junk foods, stress and not seeking for adequate healthcare on time among others.

The Cardiologist disclosed that
it has also been discovered recently that young adults are now coming down with elevated blood pressure and heart attack, largely because of abusive substances toxic to the heart urging the youths to stay away from drug for a healthy heart.

Dr Francisca Inofomoh explained that "it is so sad that when people generally have heart problems they listen to others, visit chemist, take harmful substances to the heart unknowingly, do all sort of things before seeking the specialist help.We implore our leaders to ensure that every community have a clinic with at least a health worker who can easily assess, advise and refer appropriately".

Speaking on the theme of this year World Heart Day, the Cardiologist said "Use Heart to Connect with your own Heart.Make healthy choices as regards what you eat,drink and how you spend most hours of your day.

"Let us watch what we consume, avoid junk foods and stay physically active.Make use of digital health like phone apps, wearable devices to help you stay active and connected to your heart.

"Check your blood pressure, know your numbers.Also, Use Heart to Connect every Heart around you. No heart should be left alone, the heart suffers more if isolated.Use your position to reach out to someone around you, take every opportunity to advise them to seek proper healthy life styles. Use Digital technologies appropriately".

Dr Inofomoh has equally urged government and philanthropist in our society to please look into investing into Cardiac care in this country saying that it cost less than 100billion naira only to fully equip a cardiac laboratory. "We have the human resources in this country. Let us all rise up to this challenge, together we can make all heart healthier".

Speaking also at the event, Prof O B Familoni, Head of Cardiology Unit, OOUTH, Sagamu urged Nigerians to take more than passing interest in the issues regarding their health and should always seek medical help on time before it becomes late.

Prof Familoni said all unhealthy life styles like smoking, eating of junk foods, exposure to much stress among others are inimical to a healthy heart urging Nigerians to do away with anything that could put their heart at risk of any cardiovascular diseases.

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